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The Bibliophile

Too busy reading most likely ...

I had my first bedtime story read to me on the day I was born ... with a start like that, I was doomed to a library vocation. The result: I became a library technician (no, I'm NOT a librarian, dammit!) and am currently a cataloguer for a book wholesaler that provides "shelf-ready" books to most of the school and public libraries in western Canada.

I don't require notification or asking permission if you want to friend me or read me ... for an hour, a day or forever. As long as you wipe the mud off your feet when you come in and put any litter in the appropriate recycling bin, you may come and go and comment-or-not as you please. :-)

Other places I can be found online:
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"jlsjlsjls" on Library Thing
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"jlsjlsjls" on BookLikes

"Acceptance is the cornerstone of friendship - knowing the other person for what they are and accepting that that is what you get and it cannot be changed. No, that's not quite right. You should not want it to change. How can you call yourself a friend to someone if you wish that they were different?" -- From "Five Days", by Una McCormack, c1997.

P.S. Some have said the little green guy in the user pic creeps them out. "The Librarian" is actually one of the sweetest, most harmless characters ever to appear on television (he was part of a 70s Canadian children's show called The Hilarious House of Frightenstein).

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