JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A very good day (and it's nowhere near over)

IT and I got together electronically shortly after noon and he had the reprogramming wrapped up fairly quickly ... YAY!!! ... there was only one parameter not working correctly in the first samples he sent me and that just needed some terminology clearing-up between us to fix. So all over now until some test printing can be done on Monday and I doubt there'll be any problems with that ... just a slightly different procedure that the folks who'll actually use this thing will have to get used to (and they're bright and fast so not concerned about that at all)

Now back into reading Henry Petroski's The Pencil, which I'd been a couple chapters into before most of my free time disappeared ... fortunately Petroski's the type of writer that I can just dive back into the middle of and have everything previously read come back to me without having to start over. Bliss! :-)

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