JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A whole three days off!!!

Well, mostly ... IT did ask if I would be around and able to remote in sometime tomorrow. And since that's because he's going above and beyond reprogramming all our settings for a bunch of schools that are going live with new software (that's incompatible with their old settings) next week and only told us that THIS week, of course I'll be happy to log in to set up whatever samples he needs and check the results after he runs the program. But that's in the comfort of home, after sleeping in (well, I'll be sleeping in ... he has four small and lively children ***GRIN***), so it won't really seem like working.

And no new "Foreigner" book today ***tries to look sad and hard done by while sitting in the same room as eight full bookcases plus a hefty to-read pile living on the coffee table and suspects self isn't pulling it off***. But I did get Knitted Lace Designs of Herbert Niebling which I wanted mainly out of curiosity as to how his designs were constructed. Which doesn't mean I won't try making one someday ... lots of people just size up from the thread to fingering yarn and appropriate needles, so that a "doily" turns out shawl-sized.
Tags: reading

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