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Every once in a while I'll search rather obscurish things online, just to see what, if anything comes up. These are clips from a television show called "Circle 8 Ranch" that was produced by the local indie combination TV/radio station near where I grew up (famed for decades for being the smallest community in Canada to host broadcasting facilities ... all the rest were city-based); pretty much every household that boasted a TV set was tuned in to this program on Tuesday nights. Everybody on the show was a local musician, Ernie King (the chap doing the singing and host of the show) owned and ran the town's record/music/instrument store, and the principal of my public school earned a few bucks playing backup guitar on it during his student years. Maybe this is I have trouble comprehending celebrity-awe ... TV faces (and those of radio voices) were just people one saw on the street and in shops all the time, just like everyone else.

Now I wonder if there's any footage from the station's Saturday morning kids' show, "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" out there (the station's news director was the puppeteer on that ***GRIN***)

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