JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

It's raining yarn!

Or it at least seems like it. Went to the local yarn shop last night after work to buy up some Eucalan in preparation for (hopefully) blocking my Pea Vines shawl tomorrow. And, of course, one has to walk past all the pretties to get to the cleaning supplies, so I also ended up bringing home a couple of Crazy Zauberballs in a colourway ("Charisma") I didn't own yet, plus a skein of Malabrigo Sock in "Stonechat".

When I eventually got home there was a parcel notice in my mailbox ... figured it'd be my Raventwist yarn order but, to my surprise it was my Indigodragonfly package (I normally don't get those until the Monday or Tuesday after they mail it). Two skeins of Merino Silk Sock (the same yarn I used to make Pea Vines) ... one in "The Elmocist" and one in "Claws Don't Kill People, People ... No Wait, Claws Do Kill People (Wolverine)". And three custom-dyed skeins of Twisty Tweed Worsted in "Paging Dr. Smart-Ass"!

And there's STILL three more skeins coming from Raventwist. I really DO need to start knitting faster ...
Tags: knitting

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