JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting really doesn't have much in the way of rules ...

... your live stitches have to be hanging on something (usually a needle, but can be fingers or an arm) until you bind off. Pulling yarn through the loop on the from back to front gives you a "v" shape facing you (the knit stitch) and a horizontal bar on the far side, while pulling it through from front to back puts the "v" on the far side and the horizontal bar facing you (the purl stitch). There are other things that many people proclaim as "rules" but really aren't and there's always somebody who can disprove them (including yours truly ... my personal self-taught knitting technique includes two things that the "rules" proclaimers say are impossible and I know I'm not the only one who does 'em ***GRIN***)

But there are a few guidelines that are true so often that they are rules-of-common-sense rather than RULES. One of 'em is that there's no point in using highly variegated yarn to knit lace because the pattern will just be lost in the colour muddle.


Only twenty rows to go! If I pushed I could finish it this weekend, but unfortunately I've a few other things I need to do in my waking hours today and tomorrow ***sigh*** But hopefully I'll get it bound off and on the rack before spring (think I'm gonna have to buy more blocking wires for this sucker though ... it's gonna block out BIG)
Tags: knitting

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