JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

HTML5: the sequel

Did get the Windows 8 people in my dept. to test that webpage I modified; everything worked fine in IE, Firefox, and Chrome (though it may have been a mistake to have used my fibre arts page as the sample for what turned out to be, in order and all avid, a quilter, a crocheter, and a knitter ... my workplace is definitely a haven for textile junkies). However it now looks like crap in XP, which is what the vast majority of the workplace computers are running, mine included. ***sigh*** Managed to snare the boss for a few seconds today to ask just what is planned re upgrading computers (and how fast) and learned that it's been decided that 8 is just too buggy (seems it's not playing nice with the redesign of the company webpage that's supposed to launch this year) to install unless unavoidable (the three workstations that do have it are new computers that came preinstalled). So no huge rush to totally modernize the work webpage ... I'll still work on replacing frames with CSS because I'd like to fix it up a bit, but will flip between my old HTML book and the new one to try to come up with compromise coding that the two extremes will both play reasonably nicely with. Should maybe concentrate on the customer version of the page instead since the clients usually have to have newer machines and software in order to keep up with the library software they're running. And I'll do my practice work on my personal pages. Er ... any of you out there who actually visit my pages still using XP or older? Also just realized I have no idea on which side of the line Vista falls if there's anybody running that.

Ah, the joys of technology! ;p
Tags: computer, webpages

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