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A little entertainment ...

Read the first compilation of Bill Willingham's new "Fables" spin-off, Fairest, volume 1: Wide Awake this week ... a wonderfully entertaining romp. As usual, Willingham's female characters from fairy tales and folklore are full of personality and snark (so are his male characters but this is a women-of-Fables series) and they've all come straight from the original versions of their tales, not the Disney pale echoes. The "Wide Awake" story is all about a four-sided triangle involving Briar "Sleeping Beauty" Rose, the Snow Queen, Ali Baba and a bottle imp named Jonah whose specialist subject is American trivia. Next volume is Rapunzel's ... can't wait!

On the e-reading side, during my lengthy holiday and post-holiday fanfic trawls (which are still ongoing, on and off) I did come across a few things that I considered gems (why yes, Kurt, Logan, and Kitty have always been longtime favourites of mine in the capes'n'tights world). A trinity of samples (the first two already previously shared in reply to an anotheranon post):

Conversations After Midnight You'll Want to be Too Drunk to Remember (Just so perfectly in character ... and I tend think of it as Kitty's last 18-year-old-Excalibur-adult-self fling before the evil editors retconned her back to underage as a punishment for growing up)
The Continued Wacky Misadventures of Elf and Runt (The title is quite self-explanatory)
Breathed It In. Oops (Okay, all my pure and innocent-minded friends ... and I'll have you know that I nearly caused myself permanent injury trying to type THAT with a straight face .. this is slash. But consider who is linking you to it. This is slash that could possibly kill your ability to read either X-Men OR slash-in-general again without bursting into laughter. If you still click on the link and read, I'm not responsible for whatever happens to you)
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