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Fic by fan

Mentioned in a reply over in anotheranon's LJ that one of the things I did over the holidays was go fanfic rambling ... something I hadn't done in a very long time. Discovered that some of the old archive links I had in my favourites were dead, some were still live, and then I found more. And within those, plus some more specialized sites, I came across, hiding away among the ordinary, the Mary Sues, and the downright dross, a few treasures. :-)

Knowing that several of my buddies are fanfic lovers and are just dying for yet another something to lure them into spending way more time online than they should ***insert evil grin here***, here are the multi-fandom archives, old and new (to me anyway), that I found currently existing out in the e-universe. If I've missed any, please share!

Adult Fanfiction.net
Archive of Our Own
Blue Laces
The Dark Vault
Fightor Flight
The Glass Onion
...Mightier than the Sword
Mind Dance
The Wonderful World of Makebelieve

Happy timesuck!!!
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