JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A little torture ...

"Vlad" went on the rack this morning. I'd meant to get this done over the holidays but suffering from the ick for so many days pretty much killed my getting-in-gear in the mornings even when I was feeling better and blocking requires an early start ... the wool needs to be perfectly dry before unpinning so one wants to give it as many hours as possible. (Yeah, I need a proper blocking surface instead of using the mattress ... one of these days)

And one day soon it'll be "Pea Vines"' turn ... its addictiveness means it's growing quickly and I'll have to switch to the second ball of yarn soon. If you think it looks fancy now, just wait until it's properly stretched out so you can REALLY see it. ;-) These shawls are construction opposites; "Vlad" started with three stitches at the nape of the neck and grew outwards to the outside edges, while "Pea Vines" started with 379 stitches on the outside edges and is shrinking its way towards the nape.
Tags: knitting

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