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Silliness snitched from sexylibrarians

Recent reference desk questions from one member's library system. :p

Reference Question Fun!

These are actual reference questions asked of staff throughout my library system, which were submitted and compiled for a staff bulletin article. For the record, my contribution was the one about the moon. Enjoy :)

Which books are Christian beaver books - the ones that don’t talk about beaver evolution?

What subjects to the Dewey numbers in this personals ad correspond to?

Where can I buy my favorite underwear that J.C. Penney’s stopped carrying?

What are the names of my garden statue gods & goddesses?

Where are the naked art books?

Where is a copy of my marriage license – I don’t remember where I got married?

How many registered voters are in each city in Washington State with a population under 25,000?

How to increase breast size through meditation?

What is the definition of the word “redneck”?

Where is a photograph of the Tomb of Christ taken at the time of Christ?

How do I skin a rabbit?

What is the gestation period for a dwarf hamster?

Where can I find a photograph of Caesar?

What happened to the moon? I haven’t seen it for a while and I want to know what’s going on and where we are in the galaxy.

How long do I cook a meatloaf?

Could you give me a list of Shakespeare's recent works?

How do I move my house down the road to another location?

I would like more information on someone who came to me in a dream. The patron said she would go get some sleep and then ask him how to spell his name. She would then get back to us with the correct spelling.

What is the body temperature of a giraffe?

How can I build a gigantic machine that would raise the humidity in the air as a deterrent to forest fires?

What was the cash value of Jimmy Carter’s largest peanut crop?

What kind of personality does a ling cod have?

Should my daughter get an abortion?

Has there ever been a documented case of someone attending his graduation ceremony completely naked?

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