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Had to swing by my optometrist's office after work to pick up new supply of contact lenses ... 'tis VERY dangerous to have an optometrist located in a mall, 'cause there are dangerous temptations (like chocolate-covered blueberries at Laura Secord!). I decided to take a quick peek into Music World ... a store I rarely set foot in because A&B is so much cheaper. But gotta check 'em out every once in a while because they occasionally have something nobody else has (they had the Gormenghast DVD in stock LONG before anybody else up here did). And tonight ... tonight ... tonight ... THEY HAD the Puppets Who Kill season one DVD!!!!!!! (good thing yesterday was payday, although I did get it cheaper than the price on the Web site ***grin***).

According to the info on the case, extras include "character likes and dislikes", episode commentaries by the show's director (Shawn Alex Thompson) and writer (John Pattison), "A Day in the Life of Puppets Who Kill" featurette, and an out-take reel. If you don't hear from me, you'll know I've laughed myself to death (and yes, I PROMISE, I will bring this makes-Lexx-look-normal program with me to any future gathering/visit).
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