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Seasonal viewing ...

Just got a copy of David Attenborough's most recent documentary series, "Frozen Planet", which focuses on the Arctic and Antarctic. I watched the first three episodes last night and so far it's just as attention-riveting and visually stunning as his past series, and the how-we-managed-to-film-this segments at the end of each episode are wonderful, especially the one where an Antarctic film crew perched on a bit of floating ice are surprised to have the orcas they were hoping to film swimming past suddenly detouring to spyhop them within arm's reach.

Sadly most of the clips available online have been put up by the Discovery Channel, which has replaced Attenborough's narration with an American substitute (***see bottom of post), but BBC has kindly shared the trailer and two clips with the original Attenborough:

***I'm sure the American narrator is a very nice person. But Attenborough has BEEN to these places and observed the wildlife and passionately loves having done both ... that adds an underlying enthusiasm to his narrations that can never be captured by someone merely reading from a script
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