JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

I think my brain has melted ...

'twas our annual working Saturday at, y'know, work, today (in trade we get an extra day off between Christmas and New Year) and I spent most of the day working on marc records for Vietnamese books. That had been based on electronic transliteration documents supplied by the distributor that I discovered were full of typos and sometimes just randomly including only the first two letters of each word in an author's name ... happy happy joy joy! Oh, and they lacked all the diacritics as well ... so much for the theory that a purchaser who doesn't read/speak the language should be able to copy/paste this info into a library's catalogue so that patrons who DO read/speak the language can find the books. The transliterations for the Chinese books are probably just as bad, but since I can't read those characters I can pretend they're okay. ;p

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