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Memes and a quiz ...

... too silly NOT to play!

What weird crossover of books/tv/comics/whatever are you? by batsonarampage
someone/something you dislike
In this crossover,Blanche DuBois
goes on a quest toaward the final rose
but is sidetracked becauseMimi switches to orange eyeshadow
Upon reaching their destination, they discover thatTuxedo Mask has turned into an evil sorceress in a sexy black dress
However, this is not a problem, becausethey get Ben Affleck to be the guest host again
To celebrate their victory,Merry and Pippin sing a drinking song
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Who Were You In Medieval Times?
by charmedkitten
Astrological Sign
Life Span1409-1468
Cause of DeathHanged
Quiz created with MemeGen!

YOU, my friend, are 100% Canadian! You are what
Canadians are all about! (and that's about. not
a boot.) You, my friend, are AWESOME!

How Canadian Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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