JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The campaign to get hadesgirl caught up in her "Foreigner" reading ...

... and anyone else who was reading the series way back when but has fallen by the wayside (I promise ... it's just a tease ... no way in hell am I telling when or how anything's gonna happen)

Evil hint#1: Remember Barb? Bren's girlfriend from way back in the first trilogy? The one who suddenly married someone else, then decided it was a bad idea and wanted to continue her relationship with Bren without bothering to get a divorce, and got mad at Bren when he said absolutely not? And Jago telling Bren that if he ever decided to file intent on Barb, she WANTED that contract? Ever wonder what would happen if Jago and Barb were in the same room?
Tags: bookseries: foreigner

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