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... to focus my poor eyes on the computer ... went to the optometrist this afternoon and, while I didn't have the light sensitivity reaction that they predicted, the reflection in my mirror has HUGE pupils surrounded by a thread-thin iris ... no wonder my fine focus is a bit wonky. On the plus side, there's no change in my prescription and my eyes are in excellent health ... so nice to hear that my vision is remaining fairly stable at an age when many of my contemporaries are stumbling around trying to adapt to their first bifocals ***HUGE GRIN***

Have a bit of fun to share, courtesy of my AALT (Alberta Association of Library Technicians) list: eBay Sellers' Opinions About "Librarian" Clothes: Frumpy or Bumpy? Insights into how the masses perceive one's profession are always interesting ... I was pleased that some of the clothing was colourful and flattering, rather than the old black bag dress with white collar that was still the stereotype when I was in school.

Also on the clothing front ... had a nice wander 'round "La Cache" while waiting for my eyes to adjust a bit (it's across the mall hallway from the optometrist) and am very sad that they don't have a Web site so that you could see some of the goodies in the store. Glove alert! for anotheranon ... gloves in red, burgundy, chocolate or black velvet, most with intricate beading and embroidery on the cuffs (the exceptions sported velvet roses). Nightdresses right out of "Tipping the Velvet" and jackets made from brocades and damasks and velvets. The best word to describe this store is LUSCIOUS!!!! (the second best is "expensive", but that's why we sew, no?)

Think I'll now move away from my computer and rest my dilated pupils on something with nice large print and no light source behind it ... want to recover fast so I can cruise through all those neat icons that mjpg kindly copied for me!!!!

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