JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A very good day

Take surprise bribe in the form of champagne truffles and brandy Mokate up to hairdresser: Check (these people have sharp blades that they wave around your head ... ALWAYS keep them happy)

Visit comics shop for first time in ages and pick up new volumes of favourite series: Check (except somebody had cleaned 'em out of all the "The Goon" titles!!! ***whimper***; did get the new "Lenore" though. But I was REALLY looking forward to perusing "The Deformed of Body and the Devious of Mind" ... LOVE Powell's titles)

Stop at neighbouring minor industrial zone on the way home to visit the two fabric stores in there and look for orange and/or purple buttons for Catkin: Check (found tiny reddish orange buttons that are a perfect match to portions of the orange yarn in that shawl; bonus finds were a 1.5 metre bolt end of very dark red silk and a jacket zipper with iridescent teeth ... I'm sure I can find something to make to go with that)

Use all this errand running on a properly cool and breezy autumn day to test drive purple & green Faroese shawl: Check (the Faroese shape lived up to its promise ... lacy and thin is still warm when it's wool, and it didn't need to be tied, pinned or clutched to stay on ... those forward-curving points would just curl back 'round the underside of my arms when the breeze caught them rather than blow outwards and off)

Live really charmed life and have all required buses and trains arrive within a couple of minutes of me getting to a stop: Check (okay, that one wasn't planned but it happened at seven out my eight stops)

Now to snuggle in with new reading and I've decided I deserve pizza tonight (and those really good Caesar salads that the pizza place makes) ... the clouds look like a ceiling of dark grey sheep bellies and there's a definite smell of snow in the air (yep, possible flurries are in our immediate forecast)

P.S. I also broke down and ordered two of the new yarns posted at the Indigodragonfly site today: "Not a Suitable Date for a Mormon" and "Is the Money Okay? Did They Hurt the Money?" Having one of my those-colours-could-work-together moments ... ;p

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