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As of 4:00 p.m. today, I begin a much needed (and already multiply-postponed-due-to-work-crises) week off, with the bonus of October 8 being Canadian Thanksgiving so I get that extra day added on to the end (that's how out of it I've been getting ... I didn't even realize that a long weekend was that close!)

I have the brand-new John Ajvide Lindqvist translation (just arrived on Wednesday) calling to me, plus some other goodies already stacked in my to-read pile, the ever-present knitting, plus I'm hoping to get reacquainted with my sewing machine (I have some black linen that needs to be a shirt, ditto for some densely-woven cream cotton ... gotta have something to wear those gaudy shawls over). Plus the summer heat that is still hanging on in this area is supposed to finally ease off, which makes mounting expeditions to other parts of the city seem attractive again ... haven't been to the comics shop or the Swiss grocery in AGES, still need to hunt down purple and orange buttons for Catkin, and need to hit a Northern Reflections and replace worn out blue jeans (I'm down to two pairs!)

And I did promise my hairdresser the treat of some champagne truffles from the European grocery across the street (ALWAYS keep the people with lots of sharp blades happy)

Heck, enough R&R and I might get 'round to telling you what's been going on at work to cause vacation postponements for quite a few people (good stuff, really, but accompanied by major hecticity)

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