JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Hmmm ... telemarketers or masochists?

Changed the message on the answering machine this weekend and suddenly there's an increase in hang-up calls with no messages. Up until now I've always put those down to my theory that there are five telemarketers per actual resident in this city, but mebbe I've just somehow got onto the radar of somebody (or somebodies) who enjoy a little mild abuse and now I've gone and got 'em all excited by throwing 'em a little variety ...

Current message: "Hi, you've reached xxx-xxxx. Tell the answering machine your name, number, and why you're worthy to talk to a human being and if you do a good job of that, somebody will either pick up or get back to you." (the old one was along the same general idea, but differently worded)

Why, yes, I do happen believe the telephone is my servant rather than in any odd notion that I should be at its beck and call. ;p

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