JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Ear candy ...

Another chaotic workday, this time with the reward for surviving it sitting in my mailbox when I got home: The Rough Guide to the Music of Mali. Lovely lovely sounds! (yes, the CD has been played through twice already and I now have new musicians whose solo CDs I want to hunt down)

If any of you have the urge to broaden your musical horizons but aren't quite sure of which direction you want to go, I've found that the Rough Guide music compilations are an ideal way to sample a wide cross-section of contemporary music/musicians from a specific country or music genre; each CD's tracks can be listened to free on the site so you can be sure of what you like and dislike before committing to buy.

(Damn! They don't have a Papua New Guinea compilation. Yet)
Tags: listening

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