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For once ...

... I'm being sorely tempted by audiobooks, because the first six volumes of "Foreigner" are now available in that format. Normally I don't even bother considering recorded books because I find I tend to miss sections of the narrative due to busy hands while listening ... take a moment to figure out a tricky knitting or sewing instruction or hunt for the lesser-used spices at the back of the cupboard and bang! miss three major plot points. And if I just sit and do nothing but listen I could just as well be reading the print version, no? (funnily, this missing bits problem doesn't occur if I listen to radio shows while doing stuff ... possibly because drama, with its multiple voices, is more akin to listening to a conversation than a single voice reading is and so engages my ears and brain differently)

But it would be cool to hear atevi speech patterns out loud (not to mention Bren's mile-a-minute frantic inner thoughts that ricochet all over the place ... wonder if those get read faster?), just as the new Chanur audiobooks make me want to hear how the reader handles tc'a (which is tricky enough just reading to oneself) ...

P.S. I succumbed to curiosity, so volume 1 now lives here and I've listened to a bit. Not bad, though a few name pronunciations are a bit off (knowing that is my own fault for having listened to the sound files of Cherryh's pronunciations ... as long as the reader doesn't pronounce Cenedi as "Kennedy" I'll try not to twitch too much ***grin***). Atevi speech a bit slow and "Tonto"-ish as if they're the ones who are speaking a foreign language, which makes Banichi and Tabini teasing Bren about assignations sound a bit odd ... too slow and ponderous for that pair being funny. Hopefully that lessens as the reader gets further into the books and more relaxed in the reading of them. But, overall, pretty good. And it doesn't matter if my brain misses a bit due to distraction because I know the story so well. :-)
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