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Yesterday stayed deliciously cool and intermittently rainy all day ... cool enough that I had to put on a sweater for my between-showers dash across the street to Cracovia to restock on Mokate (also got some ham from their deli counter since that was actually visible for me to see what was available ... like the other Polish grocery by my bus stop, the deli counter is impossible to get near if I visit after work or on a weekend). Got more not-gonna-finish-these projects unraveled and the reclaimed yarn wound into balls; had to make myself wind tighter than I normally would to help dekink the yarn ... normally one handwinds a ball loosely enough to easily sink a finger into so as not to stretch the yarn (knit a sweater or socks with stretched wool yarn and they will slowly become smaller as the wool gradually relaxes). And then was very naughty and succumbed to the lure of tips and cords from my handmade interchangeable needles now being available again (all four cords had been in use in the project pile ... now only two were) by casting on Calliope's Odyssey (the purple and green yarns had been turned into balls yesterday and were sitting there on the coffee table looking at me pleadingly ... I was weak). Watched more of the season 3 DVDs of "Da Vinci's Inquest" during all the yarn-related unwindings, rewindings, and new creation ... wonderful stuff! Ya know you're watching Canadian TV when a prime time show is allowed to give episodes titles like "This Shit is Evil".

Today I awoke to more coolness and rain (after sleeping refreshingly soundly ... I sleep poorly in high heat/humidity and that had been going on long enough I was really feeling the lack during the days) ... planning on more yarn, more Da Vinci (moving on to the season 6 DVDs of Wire in the Blood when that runs out, then it's Anno 1790's turn (though I'll have to put the fibres down and use my eyes to read subtitles for that one ... for the English-language shows I can listen and glance back and forth between hands and screen). Plus more reading from the new books pile. And a recycling run or two if there's a break in the rain (I'm not hauling soggy paper and cardboard over the hill when dry is so much lighter)

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