JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The weather's been ...

... far too ick to touch anything remotely fibre-creative (it's no fun if you have to keep stopping to wash the sweat off your hands every five minutes) and I really really miss it. Not that I don't enjoy reading with lots of good music burbling in the background but the other bits of the brain are itching for some exercise.

Have been reviewing the current heap-o-projects-in-progress lurking in the living room ,,, gotta free up some of those needles! Made some not-feeling-the-love decisions which means a few things are going to get unraveled ... the yarn wants to be something other than what I was trying to make it be. In a couple of cases, while seeing how the pattern worked was fascinating, the results were blatantly I'm-never-going-to-wear-this ... no sense wasting further time on those either when the yarn could be something I will wear. The rest I'm longing to work on as soon as the weather starts cooperating ... the brioche afghan, the gloves, chickenshoot's socks, the wrap/sweater, the purple cardigan with the oak-leaf cables, the Cthulhu mittens (though those have to be partially unraveled and reworked on larger needles as they're a tad too snug on my hands ... I'd like to be able to bend my fingers while wearing them)

And then there's been the fun of pattern hunting for the stash yarn. Tonight I printed my copy of Calliope's Odyssey ... just to give myself hope that one day I'll get to start it. I'm thinking these two yarns, with the purple as the body and the green for the edging:

The purple is darker than it appears in the photo and while the colours look quite gaudy together in the skein, I have a feeling they'll "blend" once knitted in the same way that my Catkin did.

For now, back to my book, some tunes, and hoping that the breeze that's just started up outside is harbinger to a downpour that will clear all the mind-fogging mugginess out of the air.

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