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The eyes have it

Went for my annual eye exam this morning ... happiness is a new O.D. who reads one's file (there's reading and there's reading ... my file has all kinds of scrawled notes in the margins relating to my special needs for work) and decides to bypass the usual by-the-book "which of these two fuzzy lines of letters is clearer" trial and error routine and instead, after the initial eye-health check, opts to set the focus dials on the ol' vision testing device close to my current prescription and just click through the nearby lens settings for each eye until I tell him I see perfect razor-sharp edges to the letters, then flip the test letters out of the way and hand me multi-font cards to read through the testing lenses to check how tiny a font I can read comfortably (the very tiniest, I'm happy to report ... the near-microscopic manufacturer's statement on the bottom edge of the card that isn't actually part of the test fonts). A little tweaking of the settings for using both eyes at once and all done! That was SO much quicker (and, to my thinking, more accurate) than the tedious fuzziness-comparison thing that most optometrists go through by rote. As a bonus, all accompanied by the kind of entertaining and informative chat one gets when enthusiastic optometrist encounters client who actually comprehends how her eyes and contacts/glasses work ... vision geeks are fun once you get 'em going. :-)

Result: eyes healthy and well oxygenated, moisture levels good, no protein accumulations, no alien parasites nestling in retinas, the distance sacrifice I opt for in order to hang onto extra sharp near-vision still within acceptable margins, lenses still a good fit, no need to change prescription. Short version: all is perfect (aside from the fact that I need artificial help to see properly). So I'm good for another year of books, books, and more books ... hurrah!

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