JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Still enjoying the laziness ...

There's a ton o' stuff that I SHOULD be doing around here, but screw all of that! ;p

More new reading: Have finished Baltimore: The Plague Ships and Baltimore: The Curse Bells ... good companions to the original Baltimore, though I think the novel is far superior to the graphics ... it's a marvelous piece of introspective word painting that simply can't be done in graphics. Still, it's enjoyable finding out what Lord Baltimore got up to between the early and final events in the novel. And I'm reminded that I must get a copy of Joe Golem and the Drowning City.

Have also devoured Empowered volume 7. The storyline continues to get much darker, in a very good and gripping way ... the characters have come a LOOOONNNGGGG way from their somewhat ***ahem*** questionable beginnings and hopefully they ain't never going back there because they're FAR too intelligent for that kind of thing (well, with the exception of Major Havoc, who will forever be a shallow, sexist jerk ... we can only fantasize that Maidman one day gets fed up enough to quietly take a razor-edged doily to him). Now all that's needed is a way to clone Adam Warren so he can write/draw faster and there won't be such a long wait between books ...

Also squeezed in re-reading Kage Baker's The Anvil of the World (as I had finally acquired a copy of my own ... and now I HAVE to re-read its sequel, The House of the Stag. And read her The Hotel Under the Sand for the first time ... not only did Baker write fantastic books for adults, she turns out to have been the second coming of Roald Dahl when it comes to storytelling for youngsters (I ADORED Dahl when I was a kid and still do to this day)

In between all that, started and am halfway through the Pembroke I promised my mother (Yeah, resident crazy person waited until we finally have hot summer weather to play with wool again. But it's one of those quick projects that can be measured in hours instead of weeks/months and having something grow that fast is reigniting my enthusiasm for tackling the massive projects-in-progress pile)
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