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I swore ...

... that this weekend I was going to give the lair a good tidying and cleaning. And so, I accomplished some mall wandering, some reading, some sewing, and lots of home cataloguing ***grin***. Despite my black belt in domestic avoidance (you're reading the words of a girl who used to volunteer to shovel out pigpens rather than help with the housework), a couple of loads of laundry, washing the outside glass of the balcony doors (so the plants and yours truly would get more light), and some dishwashing somehow managed to get done, so I feel I've kept my "resolution". :p

***brief realtime break here, to giggle at Hugh Grant as British Prime Minister doing a "Risky Business"-style boogie around Number 10 Downing Street***

As I said, LOTS of cataloguing done ... 1.66 bookcases out of 12 remaining! Plus got quite a few more e-books added in, including a happily-discovered old favourite of mine, Gene Stratton-Porter's "A Girl of the Limberlost", so JLS' Collections grew a lot this weekend. Also added a link to an outline of LC Classification to help out anybody trying to use the LC/Subject sorted list. THE END IS IN SIGHT!!!!!! (one of the "ends" at least, next I get to REALLY dig into the movie and music lists).

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