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Interesting ...

Dear Speculative Fiction, I'm glad we had this talk

And in response:

Talking it over

The death of genre
(This last especially caught my attention because my profession has had the ability to do, in library catalogues, exactly what Stross recommends, ever since those library catalogues went digital [actually possible in the card catalogue days but the time and cost of card production and maintenance would have been prohibitive] ... multiple genre classifications for a single title. We have multiple official thesauri to choose from for this: GSAFD is one of the earliest and still in use, these days most commonly supplemented by the LSCH list [and many libraries add their own local terms, based on the wording their patrons use when they ask for specific genres] ... but there is often difficulty in convincing decision makers to let us USE the things ... the usual "different is acary and bad and goes against we-have-always-done-it-this-way" even while simultaneously agreeing that increased access points = increased circulation/use/stats = increased budgets ***sigh*** /end professional geekdom mini-rant)
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