JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Great accomplishments for this weekend

Got a long LONG overdue haircut yesterday morning.

Stopped off downtown where I had to switch trains anyway on way home from said haircut and dropped into the big HMV store, where I bought the First Aid Kit" CD, "The Lion's Roar", that I've been coveting. Have played it many times since then, alternating with the Loreena McKennitt CD I picked up at the same time ... both have been excellent background music for my finally finishing my re-read of Chanur's Homecoming (got a little distracted midweek and for a few nights the ol' brain thing wasn't up to keeping track of who was where in the action).

MUST pick up the follow-up novel, "Chanur's Legacy" sometime soon. 'til then, next up is volume one of "The Faded Sun". Once I've finished that trilogy, I may very well take a second run through the current thirteen volumes of "Foreigner". This time with a flippin' notebook and pen to keep track of all the players. And their relatives. And their neighbours. And their ancestors. And all the various man'chi of all of 'em. Love the series but one honestly needs a seven-dimensional scorecard sometimes ... ;p According to the author, the next volume is supposed to begin with Lord Geigi's notes on the first atevi/human contact, the war, and the following two centuries of minimal contact and the work towards technical parity ... THAT viewpoint oughta be interesting (yes, hadesgirl, a second atevi POV is coming)

And, thanks to yesterday's sudden realization just what month/day it was, got my income tax done today, which needs to be postmarked before midnight tomorrow ... fortunately I have sense enough to chuck all the relevant bits of paper into one designated box as they arrive through the year and doing the the whole thing only takes me a smidge over an hour, including doublechecking figures, comparing against last year's form to make sure nothing is wildly off anywhere, and writing out the "pretty" version in ink. That's now all packaged up and ready to drop off at the post office on my way home from work tomorrow ... as usual, the guv'mint owes me some o' my money back. :-)

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