JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Bits and pieces ...

Have earned my right to bitch about the provincial government, whoever it turns out to be (translation: I voted)

Y'know that snow we had recently? Today it's bordering on stinking hot ... we hit 26C as our high this afternoon, which is a 22-degree rise from when I went to work this morning.

And for my fellow Cherryh fans, last night I discovered Shejidan.net ... I've been roving through various "Foreigner" and "Morgaine" discussions; hadesgirl, there's loads of threads on "Chanur" and "Cyteen" as well. Intelligent conversations abound!!! And some silliness. With nary a trace (so far) of anybody wanting Bren and Jago to get married and have half-human/half-atevi babies (yes, I HAVE come across that elsewhere ***shudders*** ... one can just HEAR Banichi mournfully intoning, "Too much television!" While Jago just draws her gun and takes aim, thinking "Screw filing Intent" ...)

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