JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just to add to the torment of my fellow "Foreigner" fans who still need to catch up ...

... C.J. Cherryh's blog entry for April 6, 2012 has a little tease of what's coming in volume 15 (she's also got a writing progress bar over on the right and it HAS jumped considerably ... was only at 5% a week ago; volume 14 is DONE!!!). The previous entry about "Chernevog" and "Yvgenie" being rewritten is interesting as I own and love "Rusalka" but was never grabbed by the sequels (struggled with the first and never bothered to finish the second) ... now I know why. Shall have to give the new versions a try.

Since my "Foreigner" reading marathon has left me with a craving for more I'm now re-reading Cherryh's Morgaine/Vanye books (these were my first taste of her work, many many eons ago). After I finish "Exile's Gate" I'll have to toss a coin for what's next: "The Faded Sun" or "Chanur"?
Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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