JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Finally did it ...

I'd been wavering back and forth between fibres, weights, and colours for ages while waiting until I'd accumulated the required balance in my Paypal account, but tonight, highly motivated into decisionmaking by the temperature drop and snowfall that began today (and is supposed to continue into next week) and the merry chilly breeze that came back to my desk from the open shipping doors, I finally made up what passes for my mind.

By about mid-March I should be in possession of enough Superwash DK, custom-dyed in "Don't you have an elsewhere to be? (Cordelia)", to make a snuggly oversized sweater (K. says they'll be able to get it into the dyepot sometime within the next two weeks).

At the rate I knit, I won't benefit from this until next winter at the earliest, but the thought is somewhat warming in the meantime. :-)

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