JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

What I've been doing instead of what I'd planned to be doing ...

... aka Sometimes the pretty new stuff is just TOO tempting.

Over the past couple of days I knitted a rainbow shawl ... big yarn, big needles, big fast shawl (168 cm/5'6" across the top, 74 cm/2'5" from top to bottom point). Used the same asymmetrical shaping as in my purple shawl, but skipped the keyhole fastenings on this one (would have been hell trying to align the colours for those). Silk/wool/angora/mohair blend is quite plump, squishy, and cozy and the brightness is just what one needs to combat short, dreary winter days. :-)

P.S. Just returned from a long meandering walk to the next train station and back with assorted shopping stops along the way ... wore this scarf-style and didn't even feel the windchill!

Tags: knitting

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