JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The Canadian "Black Friday" is on Monday this year ...

Today is Boxing Day ... once an extension of Christmas and now I guess you could call it an extension of "Greedmas". It's become the Canadian "Black Friday" ... the streets and parking lots are packed with cars and the shops and malls packed with cranky bargain-hunters. A good day to stay home and wish the poor souls working retail enough willpower not to kill anybody (the crowding makes it next to impossible to avoid witnesses). Some years I find a perverse fun in going out just to watch the mayhem, but I've other more interesting things to do at home today.

Tomorrow is the one seasonal sale that I find worth venturing out for ... the local yarn shop's Day-After-Boxing-Day sale (they refuse to open on Boxing Day and I applaud 'em for that). Guaranteed to be full of chatty, cheerful fellow fibre crafters admiring each other's loot and swapping pattern ideas for same while the store elves go up and down the checkout line distributing energy-sustaining chocolate between shopping basket runs (as fast as a basket is emptied by somebody paying, the elves are off with it to give to that full-armed person they saw). I've no shopping list and may or may not buy anything, but it's always worth going just for the atmosphere. :-)

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