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Back to the Discworld

One of my stay-indoors treats this weekend was spending most of Saturday reading Terry Pratchett's Snuff, the 39th Discworld novel. Loved it, even though my brain took a while to catch onto the Jane Austen thing (and, once caught onto, made the whole thing twice as funny .. he spoofs her style quite well) ... my fellow fans who've not picked it up yet have something to look forward to.

Also listened to the first eight episodes of from my The Saint is Heard CD set ... those were great fun and, in marvelous parallel to the Pratchett, at the end of some episodes Vincent Price (as himself rather than his character) speaks to listeners about eliminating prejudice and not judging one's neighbours by their race, appearance, origin, or religion, but rather by their character. Rather nice to know that this type of announcement was being broadcast in 1949/50. (one ep also begins with a news flash about the Korean War ... also interesting)

Along with enjoying The Saint on the weekend, I also acquired and listened to the mp3 editions of David Attenborough's Life Stories and New Life Stories ... collections of delightful little ten-minute BBC shows where Mr. Attenborough gives thumbnail sketches of various critters (and the occasional inanimate natural object) along with reminiscences of off-camera incidents he experienced during filming them. Series one has just finished rebroadcasting on BBC Radio 4 Extra online, but keep an eye on the site if you're interested ... series two (which is the "More" collection in the mp3) might be available there soon.
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