JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The one-day weekend ...

Yesterday was work's annual working Saturday (for which, in trade, we get an extra day off between Christmas and New Year's) ... makes for a tiring long week (especially since our big fall sale also happened this week) but amazing amounts of stuff get accomplished on a day when there are no customer phone calls or emails. We only have one other day like this all year ... Remembrance Day, which we also work (giving us our second paid-in-advance workday for the holiday season and thus allowing everyone an entire week off which doesn't come out of their vacation time)

So today is strictly for unlaxing ... have the first two compilation volumes of Poul Anderson's Technic Civilization ... The Van Rijn Method (already three stories into this) and David Falkayne: Star Trader calling me in a sirenlike fashion, plus the as-yet-unwatched fifth season DVDs of Wire in the Blood should I require more visual entertainment. And of course the everpresent knitting ... have just treated m'self to the purchase of a pattern ebook called "Hitchhiker: a Trilogy of Four Patterns", so must contemplate which to make first (I'm favouring either "Lintilla" or "Trillian" right now) and out of what while working on cozy purple things and/or socks and/or anything else in the projects-in-progress pile that takes my fancy.

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