JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Odds 'n' ends

Finished reading Jon Armstrong's Yarn (the sequel to Grey) today ... absolutely fantastic and one hell of an escalation in storytelling from the first book (which was damned good too). Am now very VERY impatient for the third book, "Loom", to be published.

In the meantime shall content myself with newly-arrived copy of Avram Davidson's Masters of the Maze ... its entry in Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials has long intrigued me so I figure I'm long overdue to learn all about the Chulpex.

And I'm typing this while waiting for just-purchased mp3 of Absolute Power, series 3 to download ... frankly I'd rather have ALL the episodes, but given a choice between a half dozen half-hours of Stephen Fry and John Bird merrily one-upping each other or none at all, I'll take the few. Hopefully my few dollars will help encourage the Beeb to make the previous and following series available as well.

Ah done! ... just get it neatly unzipped and then properly filed and linked to my CATraxx player (which I love), then off to bed (gotta be well rested as it's a six-day work week this week, with Saturday being our trade for one of our days off between Christmas and New Year's)
Tags: listening, reading

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