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... a TON of notes, about books from work, sitting on my desk and waiting to be put into a "Cataloguer's Desktop" column, but, since I'm feeling lazy, I'll just post another treasure that has come up in my own personal cataloguing project.

Thorne Smith had a short life (1892-1934), but he produced some delightful novels during that time. Topper (1926) is the best-known, since the film version was an early starring role for Cary Grant (if you've never seen this, track it down! If only to see Roland Young's incredible drunken walk across a lobby, supported by two invisible ghosts!)

Tonight's rarer goody is The Bishop's Jaegers, published in 1932 ... less-known, but just as worthwhile a read ... a wonderfully silly and strange castaway story that is a prime example of Smith's talent for putting odd characters in bizarre situations and ending up with a "just-one-more-page" book.

Someday I'll get my grubby little paws on more Thorne Smith ... meanwhile I'm happy to have acquired these two. :-)
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