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Research and acquisition

In a vague resolution to "be good" (oh, quit rolling around on the floor laughing!) in my knitterly life, I devoted some time this week to research ... hunting down patterns for yarn I already have in stash, which requires matching up yarn size and quantity to garment requirements. Did reasonably well ... along with buying the Scalene shawl pattern which is rapidly consuming the my two skeins of blueberry/grape juice-dyed yarn (that were exactly the right quantity/size of yarn for this pattern), I also came across and purchased the pattern for the lovely Creature Comforts Cardi, which will be perfect for using up my heap o' purple tweed.

The earlier-this-week arrival of my copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knit One, Knit All has been timely (as well as inspirational) ... I definitely want a New Zealand pullover (looks fairly ordinary on a hanger, but is amazingly flattering on both female and male bodies ... the final photo in the book is of painter Andrew Wyeth wearing one his wife knitted for him, captioned with an interview quote about this being his favourite sweater). Thinking this would be ideal for my supply of Weavers Wool Quarters, using the red/orange for the body/sleeves and the blue/orange for the yoke. Then maybe a second in Tanis Royal Flush. And then turn my Noro Silk Mountain into a Long-Collared Jacket (which is exactly what I had in my mind's eye when I pounced on the chance to buy this gorgeous-but-discontinued yarn)

May seem an ambitious set of plans but sweaters, being knit with larger yarn on larger needles, do actually go more quickly than socks (the socks I knit have 12 rows per inch of length, with 72 stitches per row ... that's 864 stitches for an inch of sock. On needles that are 2mm in diameter. I'll leave you to multiply that by foot and leg length for yourselves, but trust me ... doing that on a larger scale makes a BIG sweater)
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