JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

New reading!

My copy of The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible arrived today, and it looks even better than when I did cataloguer's quick flipthrough with the public library's copy.

anotheranon, you'll be happy to know that it covers twenty-nine different sewing machine feet/attachments ... each has a minimum of two pages (most have more) of description, technique, illustrations of use and end products, etc. (a nice touch is that if the style of foot varies between sewing machine brands, there are multiple photos showing the differences in appearance). Also chapters about fabric/needle/thread types and which to use with which feet, additional useful hand tools, troubleshooting, sewing machine anatomy/functions, buyers' checklist for evaluating new machines. This book is gonna pay for itself in no time! (heck, it's worth it just to have the official names of the various doodads for googling purposes)
Tags: reading, sewing

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