JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Well, so much for that plan ...

Phoned hairdresser this morning (they're closed on Mondays), as part of staycation agenda was to get VERY overdue fresh paint and haircut during the week when all is unrushed and relaxed. Got voicemail message announcing that they, too, are on vacation this week. ;p Ah, well ... I'll consider it a staycation day gained, since one of my hairdresser visits takes a mighty bite out of a day (about 40 minutes minimum to get up there, ditto to get home, plus at least three hours in the chair because I have a lot of hair that greedily sucks up a LOT of pigment ... whipping it into shape takes a while). Today's plan: take advantage of laundry machines being programmed at 25% off 9am-4pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays to decimate the laundry backlog (especially winter-type gear that can finally be put away, plus a towel mountain). Plus must nip over to butcher shop (also closed on Mondays) as I used up the last eggs for Sunday breakfast (can also take over more of the recycling backlog caused by crappy weather for the first half of the year ... took a load of yesterday when I went to the drugstore for milk)

Also, newly on the needles ('cause I bound something off, I get to cast something on ... plus I needed something simple, unpatterned, and no counting for the hairdressers' when I thought I was going there). Love how handknit sock toes look so symmetrically angular and unhumanshaped, but end up fitting so perfectly to the human foot (the flat bit goes along the top of the big, second, and middle toes, one angle molds itself to the steeper slope of the tops of the fourth and little toes plus the outside of the little toe, while the other angle follows slope of side of big toe to ball of foot. Magic.


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