JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Well that's one less thing to worry about (for a while)

Just scanning through a final report released yesterday about the new Resource Description and Access rules that were supposed to replace our old (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules II, Rev.) rules ... recommendation is that, due to partial or complete failure to meet several goals, implementation at the Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine, and National Library of Agriculture be delayed until at least January 2013 (pending the failed goals being achieved).

My personal favourites in the goals/results list (pages 9-10):

  • Be written in plain English, and able to be used in other language communities.

    • This goal was not met.

  • Be easy and efficient to use, both as a working tool and for training purposes.

    • This goal was not met.

Guess I don't have to worry about any work clients wanting to switch to RDA in the near future (Hallelujah! ... the manual really IS unreadable and I'm saying this as somebody who taught herself marc by reading that manual cover to cover and enjoying it)
Tags: libraries, work

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