JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress: Geveldak Scaf

In the home stretch now ... all the colours-switch-sides patternings are finished, so it's just plain two-colour brioche knitting for the rest of the way. "Crenellation" is easily visible, but yarns got evil and went to similar colouring at the same time when the position for the "stairs" ... however they can be seen just above the the needles if you click on the second photo three times to enlarge it to maximum. The colour difference, though slight, is far more visible to the human eye than it is to the camera (this camera, anyway), so they show a little better in RL (getting the scarf finished so that there's a larger block of each colour on each side of the switch will help too)

My Geveldak is 14 cm. (5.5") wide and approx. 183 cm. (72") long (so far)

Tags: knitting

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