JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


Another fine summer weekend has just begun

Fortunately I've got Geveldak Scarf to chug along on, which I've been addictively working on to the exclusion of all other projects (crenellation pattern now done ... photo if the sun really does peep through the clouds as Environment Canada's little picture claims will happen), David Attenborough's Madagascar series to watch on DVD, and Tom Sharpe's newest novel, The Wilt Inheritance waiting for me to start reading it.

Very tired, so quite happy to have a stay-in-the-nest weekend ... have been covering a vacationing cataloguer's clients as well as my own and also involved in the production of the marc edition of the company's Fall 2011 Hotlist, which is always a must-be-done-yesterday-and-perfectly panic project for everybody involved, whether on the print, web, or marc versions (and that sucker was HUGE this time: 871 titles). Oh, and my main cataloguing client, which is also the company's biggest, has been on a spectacular ordering blitz, so the books are flooding in faster than any number of humans can cope with ... shelves overfloweth and floors are barely visible (despite the workload, I'm happy to see them arriving now rather than having to deal with a budget-spending panic at year-end ... my counterpart from the library gets this huge Cheshire Cat grin on his face whenever he visits and sees the book mountains spreading over our landscape like engulfing paper glaciers).

Happily all will be back to "normal" next week, so just the towering stacks of books await me. Well, those and our newly-arrived 23rd edition of the Dewey classification, which must be explored to see what has been changed (there are always things that never appear on the monthly updates between editions)

But for now, some serious unlaxing ...

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