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Since Monday is a holiday here (Victoria Day), I treated myself to today off as well to make a four-day weekend. Decided to do some out and abouting today to avoid the usual long weekend shopping crowds that descend upon the city ... took the c-train up to Edelweiss, as I hadn't been up there in AGES, to restock on some treats: Maggi Boerenkool Stamppot, Roka Gouda Cheese Sticks, Riso Bello Risotto Pronto: Four Cheese ... this one's new to the store and to me, but figured I'd try it ... and Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips. Plus a couple of mini wet/dry Adjust-a-Cups (one in red for me and a silver one to tuck into my next package for Mom); I've a two-cup dry/liquid measure like this that I love, and this is the first time I've come across the tiny form ... so much handier than mucking about with sets of measuring spoons!

Paused at the game store that's halfway between Edelweiss and the c-train stration to ask about Addict-a-Ball; the owner hadn't heard of it, but was Googling and then on the phone to one of his suppliers about it while I was browsing through the puzzles ... not available in Canada yet (licensing, import costs, and all that jazz), but he does stock the very similar Perplexus, so I think I'll pick up one of those on my next northward jaunt (box was rather bulky and my canvas bag was already well-loaded with Edelweiss purchases this time ... did buy a couple of Magic Square Tile Puzzles to try ... I got the Fish and the Beetles)

Then stopped off two stations south on the homeward trip to visit the comics shop ... another place I haven been for aeons; picked up House of Mystery, volume 5, Jack of Fables, volume 8, Serenity, volume 3, and Farscape: Scorpius, volume 1.

Then all the way home, where I've been lazing, reading, and listening to music until I realized the sun had actually broken through the overcast and decided to take some knitting progress photos while the light was temporarily good ... nearly all the projects have been being worked on enough for visible growth since the last photos were taken:

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