JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Putting it all in perspective

Library Thing has just activated new features ... the ability to add the pagination, dimensions, and weight of each of each of your books, plus some e-gizmos that will take either that info or else (if you haven't entered these details) grabs paging from somebody else's copy of the same books/uses book size averages plus number of volumes in your collection and hands you some interesting stats on the physical size of your personal library. According to the averages calculator, my entire collection stacked one on top of the other would be just a smidge higher taller Niagara Falls. ;-) (this thing also estimates the number of IKEA Billy bookcases needed to shelve one's books ... that estimate is nearly spot-on, so I have no problems believing the Falls comparison)

Also set my cataloguing software's html generator to creating new pages for my book, movie/tv, and music libraries over the weekend, then FTPd the lot into JLS' Collections so the "online catalogues" on that page are currently up-to-date (not necessarily tidy ... I still have some entry cleanup to do at this end in both movies and music ... but at least all the titles/authors/genres/subjects/etc. are there for anybody who cares to browse)
Tags: reading, silliness

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