JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A day of accomplishment ...

... and it's only just past noon!

A bank in the strip mall across the street from me is holding a one-day electronic recycling collection today as part of their community PR. So all the dead things that have been taking up space in my storage room (waiting for me to get 'round to booking a cab and take 'em to an official recycle drop) have now gone away. Took me three trips (would have been four but, after I lugged my old monitor over, one of the guys offered to come back with me and fetch the computer), but now this place no longer contains any e-corpses (I'm just damned lucky none of 'em had gone zombie on me!)

Next phase: get the old computer boxes and packing stuff out of the storage room and recycled/disposed of (hadn't done that yet because the boxes DO make it easier to carry old heavy equipment ... used one for the monitor today because its built-in carry handles made it far less awkward to take downstairs, across the street, and to the far end of the mall)

I feel so cleansed now! :-)

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