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Shoulda known ...

Get the "online catalogue" of my personal library 3/5 up-to-date as of last night and another of my book orders arrives at work today ... so back to square one, though I've at least got the two days of the weekend to accomplish a brief period of all-accurate before anything else shows up. Watch ... something else will get delivered unto my desk on Monday (not that I'm really complaining ... after all, I order 'em because I want to read 'em) ;p

Finished reading Selina Rosen's Queen of Denial last night ... a majorly fun book! I was laughing out loud quite often during it. Quirky and vulgar and raunchy and also full of insights into wartime/post-war economies/societies/politics (so rather timely reading as well). The only downside is something that folk borrowed my copies of Keith Hartman's Gumshoe novels will be familiar with ... Rosen's books were originally printed by Meisha Merlin, the same publisher who put out the Gumshoes, and are as full of typos/misprints as those volumes were ... fortunately, also like the GUmshoe books, Rosen's story is such a rollicking fun ride that I found my brain learned fairly quickly to compensate and ignore them. (also like the Gumshoe books, there's a credit for a copyeditor/proofreader on the copyright page ... my personal theory is that Meisha Merlin went out of business BECAUSE they threw all their profits away on payroll for layabouts who didn't bother doing their jobs). Hopefully at some point Rosen, like Hartman, will have the chance to reissue her books in the more "literate" form they very much deserve.

In a nutshell: read Selina Rosen ... she's GOOD!
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