JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

New loot!

Have been very very good lately about taking yarn out of the stash baskets rather than putting more in, but having a new yarn shop open up in Kensington last weekend was too tempting, especially once I discovered that the same bus I catch for work passes within four blocks of the place in its meanderings. So, after dropping a pair of shoes, off at the local shoe repair shop, which is practically next to the bus stop, I caught the ride up to Kensington. And came home with some pretties ... two skeins of Rocky Mountain Dyeworks Mt. Sparrow Sock in "Purply Bog Copper" and "Luna" colourways (the word "sock" in the name pretty much tells you what these are going to be one day), and two skeins of Punta Yarns Merisoft Hand Painted in colourway HP64 (they need to work a bit on their creativity re colourway names). Both types of yarn are 100% merino wool (the Sock is superwash, natch) and are fluffy/silky soft to the touch ... squooshing either of these would turn folk who believe that "wool itches" into wool evangelists. :-) And the purples are vividly rich and grapy ... so many purple yarns (and fabrics, for that matter) are either dull/drab or pastel (lavender, lilac, etc.) that I've learned to grab the rare saturated tones when I come across them.

And now the sky is clouding over for our predicted rain (I can live with rain ... sure beats more snow!), so it's me for some late lunch and some weekend unlaxing with the windows open to let the newly scrubbed spring air come in. :-)

Tags: knitting

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