JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Warm fuzzies

Tonight I came home to a special email at the address I use for my webpages, etc. ... a teacher writing on behalf of her class who have been using the Fibre Arts & Hobbies section of my webpage and who wanted to thank me for it and suggest a costume history link that they had found (she figured it'd be better if she made contact herself rather than have the kids doing it on their own ... just in case). Well of course I made it a priority update with the usual thank you credit (it's already live), and have fired off an appreciative reply to the kids as well. Hope this encourages them to continue to love to share information sources as well as learning from them themselves. :-)

This isn't the first suggestion email I've received for the webpage, not even the first from a teacher, but it is the first one from students. A much appreciated day brightener at the end of a veeeerrrrrryyyyyyy long week.

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